Looking for the Convention T-shirt?
You are in the right place!

This year the 2023 American Hosta Society Convention is offering T-shirts (both short and long sleeve), crew neck sweatshirts, tote bags, and coffee mugs as commemoratives of the wonderful hosta times you will have in Iowa.

We are happy to be working with an outstanding local Ames company called B5Branding. When you select the link below you will be directed to their online store.  B5Branding will manage the order process, collect your payment, and deliver your order to the conference hotel where you will pick it up at the Registration Table.  No fuss, no waiting for the delivery van, and no additional shipping fees. Now, that is a deal!

High quality Gilden T-shirts and sweatshirts are being offered in three colors: purple, pink, and green. All will be emblazoned with the AHS 2023 logo as shown above.  Likewise, the tote and the coffee mug will be imprinted with the logo.

Remember:  The store will only be open from April 15 through May 5, 2023 and all items must be preordered.

We will not have an inventory of items to purchase at the convention.  We will email all conference registrants to remind you of these dates so you can get your orders in.  You don’t want to be hosta-green with envy when you see your friends sporting their AHS 2023 finery!


The AHS 2023 store link below will be open starting April 15: